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It’s going to be a chilly weekend….

There’s a possibility of ice & snow this weekend.

“.Winter Weather…
A winter storm is still expected to affect the region late Friday
through Saturday night, bringing heavy snow, freezing rain, and
sleet to parts of Oklahoma and western north Texas. Hazardous
travel conditions are expected Saturday into Sunday. A Winter
Storm Watch is in effect. The heaviest precipitation will occur
overnight Friday night through Saturday evening. Stay informed on
the latest forecasts as the details will likely continue to change.

Get graphics and more details at…and follow
our weather forecast office on Twitter and Facebook.”

As always, please drive safe, and if you can avoid driving at all, even better. If you don’t reeeeeally have to go out, it’s a perfect weekend to stay home with some hot chocolate and Netflix.

NHTSA adds new information on car and booster seat recalls.

There have been several recent recalls by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Potentially thousands of car seats and booster seats are affected.

Click here for more information.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

This holiday week and weekend is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so please drive safe. Allow extra time to get to the airport if you’re flying out, and new this year is the TSA letting you check airport security wait times with their mobile app.

It’s also the holiday that some of us break out our culinary skills. Along with that comes the increased risk of kitchen accidents, especially with turkey fryers.

State Farm (who has a vested interest in helping customers avoid accidents) has some important safety tips for frying a turkey. And apparently there are enough turkey fryer accidents on military facilities that the Air Force has put out some turkey fryer guidelines as well.

If you don’t have a turkey fryer, a smoked turkey may be a delicious alternative. Or go traditional with a recipe from Butterball.

Whatever you’re eating or wherever your travels may take you, we hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

When to stop for a school bus.

Here’s some information on when you should stop for a school bus. If you see someone slowing down and stopping in front of you on the opposite side of the road, pay close attention because they might be stopping for a school bus.

Know the law

Drive safe, everyone!

Did you set your clocks back?

Spring forward, Fall back. It happened early on Sunday morning, November 4th. We hope that you changed your clocks (yes, even the one in the car and definitely the one on the coffee pot) and that you also checked or changed the batteries in your smoke detectors too!

And above all, please drive safe. There have been multiple accidents near bus stops across the nation recently, with tragic outcomes. Please help us avoid such a thing from happening here.

No severe weather is forecast this week, so enjoy the beautiful weather. As Ned Stark once said, “Winter is coming.”