Bryan County Ambulance Authority

New EMS Facility

Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals for the improvements described below will
be received by Mr. Brian Norton at 306 S. 22 nd Ave., on Wednesday, September 13,
2023 no later than 2:00 pm. Bids are to be delivered in person at the address shown
above. The proposals will be taken and opened publicly. Any bids received after closing
time will be returned unopened.
A mandatory pre-bid conference for General Contractors will be held at the facility
at 2:00 pm on Monday, August 28, 2023.
The project is generally described as follows:

  1. The project includes the demolition of a portion of the existing pre-engineered
    metal building facility, specifically the administrative building. The existing
    3,640 sf Ambulance Building is to remain, but will also require some
    demolition work and subsequent renovation. The existing Ambulance Building
    will be converted to a Training Center to serve the EMS personnel. Adjacent
    to the Ambulance Building will be a new 15,626 pre-engineered metal
    Administrative Facility to house the business office, equipment storage and
    living quarters for EMS personnel. Attached to the Administrative Facility will
    be a 12-door ambulance bay to house all emergency vehicles. The scope
    also includes all site work, pre-engineered metal building, supplemental
    structural work and all Mechanical / Electrical and Plumbing systems to serve
    both facilities.
    Trades that will be required include:
     Earthwork & Excavation
     Site Utilities
     Landscaping / Irrigation
     Mechanical / Plumbing
     Electrical
     Concrete
     Steel building and steel erection
     Brick masonry veneer (Add Alternate)
     Metal stud interior walls, gyp. bd.,
     Acoustical lay-in ceilings
     Wall base
     Insulation.
     Interior and exterior painting
     Floor finishes
     Aluminum Storefront
     Interior millwork
     Aluminum transaction window
     Interior and exterior hollow metal frames
     Exterior hollow metal doors and hardware

Bryan County, Oklahoma EMS
Durant, Oklahoma


 Interior wood doors and hardware
 FF&E package included.

  1. Owner Representative:
    Mr. Brian Norton
    Bryan County EMS Director
    306 South 22 nd Avenue
    Durant, Oklahoma 74101
  2. Contract Documents, dated August 11, 2023, were prepared for the Project
    by King Architectural Solutions. PLLC, 16 East 16 th Street, Suite 500, Tulsa,
    Oklahoma 74119, phone (918) 794-0758
  3. The Scope of Work includes all work included in the Base Bid and such
    additional work as may be properly authorized by the Owner through
    issuance of alternates, addenda, field orders, and change orders.
  4. Bidding Documents:
    a. Contractor Sets:
    Upon requests, sets will be issued electronically in pdf format.
    b. Contact for plans:
    Grant Newby
    King Architectural Solutions
    16 East 16 th Street, Suite 500
    Tulsa, OK 74119
    (918) 794-0758

6 The Contractor is to be bonded for the scope of services provided for this
project. The cost of the bond should be included in the base bid.
a. Bid Bond representing 5% of the contractors bid amount.
b. Performance Bond – 100% of the contract amount.
c. Maintenance Bond – For a period of (1) year.

  1. The contractor shall provide all labor, materials, tools, accessories,
    equipment, and incidentals required to complete all of the work specified or
    reasonably implied therein, as falling within the Scope of Work of this
  2. No bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30) days after the
    scheduled closing time for the receipt of bids.
  3. The successful Contractor and all Subcontractors will be required to
    conform to the labor standards set forth in the Contract Documents.

Bryan County, Oklahoma EMS
Durant, Oklahoma


  1. An affidavit of Non-collusion and a Business Relationship Affidavit shall be
    required from all bidders. Failure of any bidder to provide the required
    affidavit may be grounds for disqualification of that bidder’s bid. Refer to
    Section 002000, “Instruction to Bidders”.
  2. All permits are the responsibility of the General Contractor.